The staff at EGi are committed to improving the current knowledge of acid drainage issues within the mining and mineral processing industry and furthering the development of management strategies for minimising mining impacts on the environment.

Our staff have extensive experience with operating mines, closure of oldmines, prediction work for new and proposed mines as well as active involvement in ARD research, ensures it remains at the forefront of management of sulphidic mine wastes.


Dr Warwick Stewart (BSHons, Grad Dip Env. Mgt., PhD)
Managing Director.
Warwick joined EGi in 2000. He has 27 years experience in the mining industry spanning consulting, mine site environmental management and geology in Australia and Indonesia. His expertise is in acid rock drainage management, including: measurement; prediction; cover design; strategies for selective placement; and performance monitoring. His background includes 3 years experience in environmental management at KPC Mine, Indonesia, implementing the design and construction of covers for controlling sulphide oxidation and acid drainage.

Dr Stuart Miller (BSc, MSc, M.Phil, PhD)
Chief Advisor
Stuart has over 40 years experience in mine waste geochemistry at more than 250 mining projects within Australia and world wide including Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, Malaysia, Philippines, Argentina, Thailand, Africa, South America and North America. Stuart worked in the public and private sectors before establishing EGi in 1983. He is a recognised world expert in acid rock drainage prediction and management and has pioneered development in ARD prediction technologies, including the Net Acid Generation (NAG) test.

Dr John Jeffery (BAgrSc, PhD)
Principal Geochemist
John joined EGi in 1989 and has over 35 years mining industry experience. He has expertise in the environmental geochemical and hydrogeochemical aspects of waste disposal in the mining and mineral processing industry including: prediction and control of acid rock drainage; characterisation and management of sulphide bearing wastes; mine site rehabilitation;  prediction of final void water quality; and contaminant transport in ground and surface waters.

Dr Marilena Stimpfl (BScHons, MSc, PhD)
Principal Consultant.
Marilena joined EGi in January 2015, bringing with her over 15 years of experience in the field of geosciences/geochemistry.  Her expertise is in environmental geochemistry, material characterisation, acid rock/metal/saline prediction and management, waste disposal management, environmental block modelling, risk assessments, water quality / chemistry assessment and management, and closure planning.

Aibinh Tran (B Env. Sc, MPhil.EngSc.)
Aibinh joined EGi in 1999 with 15 years experience in field sampling, laboratory test work, ecological and aquatic research. Ai Binh has completed an INAP research project on geochemical behaviour within acid generating sulphidic waste rock dumps with the aim of identifying improved ways of placing and encapsulating problematic material for long-term and permanent control of acid generating waste rock.

Udaya Kasthuriarachchi (BSc SriLanka)
Laboratory Manager
Udaya joined EGi in 1995 with a background in field sampling and laboratory test work. He is responsible for managing the in-house laboratory and co-ordinating the test work carried out at other laboratories.

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