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EGi has been providing quality expert services to the resource sector since 1993. We understand the geology, know how to assess and quantify the geochemical risks, and produce practical and cost-effective management solutions to protect mine developers, the community, and the environment.

The EGi team are experienced in all facets of geochemical assessment and are specialists in Acid Rock Drainage and Mine Waste Geochemistry.  As pioneers of modern geochemical assessment techniques, EGi’s experts developed many of the internationally accepted testing methods currently used to assess acid drainage potential.  EGi set the standard to which all other consultants in this area are measured.


EGi’s team of professionals have successfully provided specialised environmental geochemical risk management solutions for more than 370 resource projects across all the world’s major mining provinces, including key projects in Australia, Africa, South America, North America, East Asia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, Malaysia, Philippines, Laos, and Thailand.  Operating in all terrains and climatic conditions, EGi’s expert geochemical experience covers planning, development, mining and closure for base and precious metals, coal, iron ore, mineral sands, and a range of industrial minerals.


EGi understands the critical links between programme design, quality geochemical sampling, testing, monitoring, expert observation, and expert interpretation.  As creators of the modern suite of geochemical testing observations and interpretation techniques, EGi own and operate world class in-house laboratory testing facilities in EGi’s Sydney base.