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EGi offers a broad range of mitigation and risk characterisation strategies

Accurate prediction of leaching effects, groundwater and wastewater movement, and the design of practical and proven control measures helps manage and mitigate mineral extraction environmental risks and is critical for all stakeholders.

EGi’s customers include mineral exploration companies, miners, large engineering companies, and government regulators and our services are utilised at all project stages.

Integrated mine geochemical, geological and geotechnical assessment for ARD, metals, salinity and other potential contaminants.
Advice on management of sulphidic and other problematic mine materials.
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Preparation and implementation of geochemical sampling and testing programmes.
Specialist geochemical testing in our in-house laboratory
Modelling and design of mine waste cover systems.
Modelling of mine site environmental chemistry to predict water quality of key sources (pit voids, waste rock dumps, tailings storage facilities, stockpiles etc.), mine site discharge, and downstream receiving environments.
Development of materials segregation criteria for site use, block modelling of geochemical rock types, and associated routine checks of segregation, placement and other performance monitoring.
Establishing site based static and kinetic testing, and field trials.
ARD risk assessment, site auditing and review, training and workshops